What it’s all about

Personally, I cycle daily, but again, I’m not a full time 9 to 5 type of worker. My hours are very flexible and a certain amount of hours per day isn’t the case for me. Where I work, my pay is based on the amount I produce, so to say. I used to slave away for 10+ hours per day thinking that I’d be getting promoted and making bank in no time, bu boy was I wrong.

After living the job for over two years and having no time for anything else, like exercise and time with family, I’ve realized that my productivity levels are much lower when I work for over 4 hours without a break, so I’ve started searching for what to do during that break…

Three days later, a friend of mine Michael, has randomly stopped by my work and asked me out to lunch. He’s very good looking partially because of his line of work, at least that’s what I though, but also because every working day, he takes an hour or two to bike around town and on the beach on Wednesdays to mix it up. He used to be overweight and finally got fed up with that lifestyle.

What he has done is implemented a workout hour at his asphalt paving company where people get an hour off to work out, strength, cardio or meditation. The catch is that if you don’t want to workout, you can’t take that break. Now, some of you might be saying that it’s unfair and how can he control what people do? Well, first of all, workers were clocked in for that hour of time, so essentially, Mike paid them to exercise. Second off, he did something I’ve only seen big companies do… He rented a space next door to their office and turned it into a workout room. Of course, he’s not a millionaire, at least yet, so he bought most of the equipment used, but it definitely looks like a fantastic workout area and it’s also great for team building.

As you’re reading this ya’ll must be thinking why is this my first post right after the video? Because it was how I started with bicycling!

At first it was just something to keep me motivated throughout the day, but a couple of months later, bicycling has grown into a full time passion of mine. Shout out to Michael encouraging me to start it on my own.

I was never a self starter, not sure who to blame other than myself, but that’s the way I grew up. Many times in the past I was going to start my own business, I had a great idea, enough capital for the first couple of months to keep going and the motivation, but I just didn’t do it. Maybe I was scared of being all by myself, I don’t even know at this point… Since starting that break routine three years back, things have turned around for me, slowly but surely. One of the things I’ve started is this blog 🙂

It’s a huge step for me and I would appreciate any constructive criticism on themes, background images and so on. I’m fairly new to this and help would  also be appreciated. You can reach me at jocelyn@dobbiacocycles.com. For all of you here in Virginia Beach, feel free to reach out and I’d love to hang out.